Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Whizzer of Octagon

I gotta admit I know very little about takedowns. I preferred standup striking to takedown or grappling, except for the clinch or Muay Thai neck tie.

Things have gotten to be very interesting this year. With focus sessions and integration of MMA techniques into our Crazy Monkey boxing structure has ignited my interest in a whole different way. I missed pure boxing, and BJJ rolling too. Too bad we have limited time to feed our infinite interest.

One of the most interesting technique I've learned is the whizzer, or some called it overhooking the arm. This common MMA technique has multiple use: from defending a single leg takedown to controlling your opponent or taking him down.

As demonstrated above by one of my favorite MMA instructor, Mark Hatmaker, the whizzer is a must have tool in any MMA fighter arsenal. Because of my hectic schedule, I still haven't got the opportunity to put this to a test. Will write more as soon as I get the chance to try this in sparring. Felt kinda awkward having learned so many MMA techniques recently. I'm worried I'll be slowed down by the increase of techniques in my fighting toolbox - too many to choose from. Hope more mat time will disprove this.

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