Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rodney King seminar in Singapore 2006

Came back from seminar by the founder of Crazy Monkey Defense Program, Rodney King in Singapore on Nov 2006.

Here's my take on his seminar:

1. Initially I was kinda intimidated by the majority of participants who were there: those mean MMA types with their "dun-F-with-me" look. I wasn't sure if I could measure up or if their light would be too heavy for me during training.

2. Rodney is a great coach who delivered his points with gusto and he constantly challenged us to test his points/principles/techniques with a training partner thoroughly augment our understanding of the Crazy Monkey Defense Program.

3. I think two of the most overlook aspects of my game are balance and footwork. Although I'm still not 100% clear on these, I now realised how important it is to maintain balance in a fight, and why we must eliminate risky stances such as crossing our legs and lunging forward. Closing my eyes when shadown boxing really bring home this point, great practice. Rodney had said even the most conditioned or experience fighters got KOs in fights due to wrong footing or lost balance, that is scary indeed.

4. I particularly like his breakdown of CMDP into 4 main pillars: Balance ~ Crazy Monkey Defense ~ TES (Tight Economical Structure) ~ Conditioning. The last part is another harsh reminder for me to get back in Vince Core Strength workout classes.

5. This seminar also shown me the difference between Crazy Monkey Level 1, 2 and 3. Personally I like CM2 - crashing the line with a tinge of CM3 since I prefer to counterpunch.

6. Although I prefer Mark Hatmaker's definition of fighting ranges: either feeling (not fighting) or fighting (just 2 ranges) compare to the typical kick-punch-clinch-ground ranges, I realised we end up on the cross-sword position more often than we wanted to. Now we know what to do - use the pop & drive or squat & push combos.

7. Since I like to crash the line (and setup for the big right), now I've learned it's much better to shove & cross/elbow/headbutt - a very intimidating move.

8. Despite what Rodney said, I felt that practicing drills, training with focus mitts, medicine balls, shields and punching bags still have their usefulness. Perhaps Vince can enlighten us on how to reconcile Rodney's approach of learning by sparring entirely compare to our gym current approach.

Overall, it was a superb seminar, beyond my best expectation. I came back recharged with many new ideas, principles and few awesome techniques.

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