Sunday, July 13, 2008

MMA footwork and movement

Today sparring session reminded me again to pay more attention to my footwork and movement.

For MMA, it's better to have a wider stance in anticipation of any shoots or takedown attempts. It's also easier to sprawl with a wide stance. The instructor in this video, Vitor Belfort is my favorite MMA fighter. Although lesser known, I admire his lightning fast boxing skills very much. He can be considered one of the first person to mix and use Boxing with BJJ successfully in many UFC matches, compare to the more preferred mix of Muay Thai and BJJ common in today's MMA training.

1. Always square-on to your opponent (turn to face him with both your hips).
2. Keep my rear leg on my toes pushing off my whole body when firing punches.
3. Always circle away from the opponent strong hand (normally his rear hand in a boxing stance).
4. Push off with the rear leg when moving forward, and push off with the front leg when moving backward.
5. Move the rear leg first when circling away.
6. Avoid sloppy movement and crossing your legs.

Hope to improve with more practice.

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