Monday, July 14, 2008

Single Leg Takedown

Learned my first "proper" takedown early this month: the common single leg takedown.

Bert was the instructor that night and I must say his coaching skills have improved tremendously ever since he signed on to become a Trainer-in-Training of the Crazy Monkey Defense Program. There are occasions where I felt I enjoyed his class more than Vince. Hope I won't get my ass kick by Vince for saying this. ;D

Now onto the single leg takedown:

1. You must first set it up, normally with some strikes (eg. a fast jab-cross).

2. Level change to the opponent's hips and grab his lead leg using gorilla grip (no interlocking the fingers). Grab it tight and lift up his leg.

3. Rise up and place your head on his chest as if listening to his heart. This will make it difficult for him to sprawl or guillotine your head.

4. Push him forward to bring him down or swing him around by moving your lead leg to the rear.

5. Follow up with side control, mount, knee ride or anything you prefer.

Another variation below where you see the instructor did not grip his hands together but rather place one hand behind the opponent's knee and the other on his ankle. He did not rise, he just drive forward and pull the ankle up to bring the opponent down.

My understanding is single leg takedown has a higher percentage of working compare to the double leg takedown, and it's a widely used technique in many MMA fights. Looking forward to practice it in this month sparring.

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