Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fighting a Southpaw

March 24, 2006 was another first for me. I was almost KOed by Vince when sparring with him. We went for three 2 mins round and on the third round, Vince caught me with a vicious right hook. For few secs, it was lights out for me, I dropped my limbs and went down on my knees.

Later Vince revealed that I threw too many telegraphic haymakers, esp. the right and I dropped my hands too much. But to me, my main problem fighting Vince is that he's a Southpaw, ie. someone who use his right hand/leg as lead boxing hand/stand. And worse, he's a right-hander who fights Southpaw. That means his lead punches are real fast and hard-hitting.

Vince then taught me to:

1. Counter his right lead hooks with my right cross immediately after I managed to block it crazy monkey style.

2. Throw more crosses and straights instead of wild haymakers.

3. Move away from the strong left hand when fighting a real Southpaw. At least make keep moving to make yourself a hard target.

Must make a mental note not to feel overly intimidated when fighting my instructor or any opponents perceived to be better than me.

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