Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rosi Sexton - MMA champ

Sparred with Rosi, a visitor from the UK recently. She was sorta like the first woman I sparred with for years.

Like most visitors to the gym, I gave her to chance to throw the first few strikes to gauge the kinda level I should go. I sensed that she had some training background considering how relax she was and when she threw her first couple of shots, I knew she is good (but not how good).

What I didn't know was she's Rosi Sexton, a 6-0 MMA women's champion in the UK (as at Aug 30, 2006). So I kept it light and the few rounds ended without any fireworks. Couple of days later she went hard on the other guys in the gym in my absence and I lost my chance to "test" my skills & learn from such an accomplished fighter. She must have thought I can only take "light contact" in view of my laidback approach during sparring.

I resolved not to underestimate any opponent man or woman in the future and to improve my communication so that my training partner really knows how hard to go.

To Rosi, it was really cool to train with you and hope I'll get the chance to do so again in the future.

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