Sunday, July 13, 2008

Joint-locks for knife defense

During a practice session with Big Raj (the BJJ giant who also has a background in Jiu-jitsu), I realised my knife defense techniques are rather sloppy (probably due to long break from practicing such techniques).

I learned a few things from the gentle giant:

1. Make sure I control the arm tightly.
2. It's better to block (or jam), then lock his arm to the back than overhooking it (forget the Thai clinch for this).
3. Remember to head-butt, knee thigh, or sweep to take out his CNS (mind) from hurting me.

What I learned from Alex:

1. Jam and move off the centerline.
2. Strike with whole forearm to attacker's chin/throat while breaking his elbow with my chest.
3. Knee to thigh or sweep to unbalance and control.

Practical and nice. Thanks guys!

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