Sunday, July 13, 2008

Muay Thai clinch

Learned a basic Muay Thai clinch last week from Adam Kayoom. The clinch is one of the skill I've yet to learn or experience. Although I did a bit of clinching in the past during my Karate randori sparring and nage-waza (throwing or takedowns) training, it was quite different from the Thai clinch.

Adam taught that the clinch can be used to:

1. Disable your opponent momentarily so that you can rest awhile.

2. Unbalance your opponent to slip in your power shots.

3. Gain a position of advantage where you can hit him more.

4. Safely disengage to a good position while slipping in a few parting shots.

I found the clinch to be useful when I sparred with Laurent. I was exhausted and I used the clinch to catch a breather while minimizing his shots to him. Cool! Going to train more on this area.

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