Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fighting tall opponent

Fought with Leon, a 6ft. tall Dutch guy who has a background in Kickboxing and Jiujitsu. I knew he was good the moment I stepped into the class. Funny thing with martial arts, you can easily distinguished someone who has some skills from a newcomer if you have some experience in MA yourself.

Leon gave me my first bloodied mouth with his fast and long jab.

Things to note when sparring with a taller opponent:
1. Level change when hitting them lower.
2. Duck the head in the arm when punching.
3. Work on overhand combos: lead jab up-down then overhand right is a good combo against a tall opponent.
4. Put bodyweight behind my punches by taking a step forward when throwing cross and overhand.
5. Counter-punching seems to work with proper defensive timing.
6. Stop sparring with them to prevent painful injuries and damage pride. ;)

I also need to decide whether a defensive game, attacking game or counter-punching is the most suitable style for me. Hopefully, I'll make a good decision after sparring with more people from diverse backgrounds.

Overall, it's a good experience for me. The more different people I spar with, the more exposure I get.

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