Sunday, July 13, 2008

Crazy Monkey drills as introduction to MMA

Lately the Crazy Monkey Defense Program here in KDT Academy has been incorporating many drills covering more than boxing: punch-kick combos, takedown defense, sprawl, escape from sprawl and recover to standup.

I found these drills to be great introduction to MMA techniques and I realised what I thought I knew (from BJJ, Boxing and watching too much UFC) were quite different when tried, bringing the old adage to mind: it's easier to say than to do. For me, it's ten times of that coz my cardio is crap (isn't it always) and I haven't been training regularly this year.

Perhaps it's better if we spend more time drilling on a single aspect of MMA, eg. sprawl to recover and sprawl escape instead of doing the whole standup, clinch and ground within an hour. Nevertheless, these drills brought to life what I imagine MMA training to be: functional, complete and thoroughly enjoyable. Can't wait for us to try all these techniques out when we spar. For my buddies who have done it while I was away: save some fun for me ya. ;)

PS. For those who are wondering, I'm the clumsy dude in the white shirt.

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