Sunday, July 13, 2008

Proper MMA punching techniques

Vince told me I'm still telegraphing my punches too much. So I gotta to practice more shadow boxing.

Few points to note when sparring:

1. Keep your chin down and mantain a general vision at opponent's chest. Punch from your forehead, elbows pointing down.

2. Visualize your opponent in the mirror. Your mirror image becomes your "opponent", aim for your opponent's chin when punching. Visualize making contact with the knuckles of the index and middle fingers.

3. There should be 95% extension of your arms with the straight punches. Remember to tuck your chin in under your arms when firing straight punches - diving board punching.

4. Retract your punches back to your forehead fast.

5. Do not telegraph your punches. Never allow elbows to go behind your body, particularly with uppercuts. KEEP ELBOWS IN FRONT OF BODY ALWAYS.

6. Always keep your lead foot pointing toward your opponent and rear foot visible in mirror (when shadow boxing) - square on to him.

7. Never bring the feet together when punching, don't cross your legs. Rear leg on your heel, ready to push off when firing jabs or combos.

Now if only I can find some time to practice shadow boxing, been so busy with work lately. :(


Ricardo said...

Tip #7 (rear leg on heel) is a bit troubling to me. I'd recommend keeping the rear heel up a bit. Being flat-footed isn't useful. You can be up on your toes and still be able to push off fully and completely. Anyway, it's the pivot, rather than the pushing off that's most important.

Kevin said...

It's easy to forget the basics huh!?! Great little blog post, liked it, a good reminder to get back to basics.

Perfect Punch said...

I've been looking up punching technique since I saw Bully Beatdown tonight and was wondering if you or anyone has used this perfect punch thing I saw advertised on the show. It looks good but I want to know if a real person has used it because I do not like to order junk from tv.

Gen said...

So glad I found your blog. I attend CM SA. And I am always looking for extra footage as a visual to practice.

Any extra info I can find comes in handy.