Thursday, August 21, 2008

Boxing - back to basics

Just broke my own record. Not fights won or lost, but attendance record! I managed to train twice a week since, err... this year. ;D

This week we sparred one pair at a time while the others observed. Everyone will then comment on their performance. This is really helpful for us to reflect on our strengths, and to correct our mistakes.

Although I wasn't aware of it during sparring, it appears that I dropped my hands too much (see pic above), esp when delivering body shots and was slowed to pull my hands back when doing straight shots. Everytime I dropped my hands to do body shots or even hooks, I got decked in the face. I felt like a sitting duck in an open field.

Some comments were:

1. I need to pull my hand back faster. Earlier I was worried about my control when I jab and pull fast I might hit too hard. Then Vince suggested I pull back fast but keep an open hand instead of a clench fist. This worked rather well for me tonight.

2. Remember TES - Tight Economical Structure. Hunchback, hands up, diving board punches and circle off.

3. Stick to boxing basics: level change when throwing body shots, bend the knees, keep the hands close to body, rotate the hips and use the legs to drive up the shots.

4. I need to do more pad works and focus mitts. Argh, how to spare time for this lar?

Thanks guys for the feedbacks.


duck said...

hehehe uncle charles, u look like a char keow teow seller on fire! just kidding kay! don't hit me too hard when u see me... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Its always going to be a lesson when you first start sparring but when you get hit a few times and more importantly, learn WHY you get hit, you shall quickly learn good stratergy.