Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Throwing proper body hooks

I had few nicknames that the guys gave me in Facebook. One of them is Uncle Choy Lay Futt. I guessed this had to do with the way I sparred. Although I can no longer be considered a newbie in boxing, I still do few common no-nos like dropping my hands (see the pic in previous entry) and throwing those telegraphic long winded haymakers like a gorilla swinging his arms wildly.

Although my last entry detailed out the steps I need to do to correct these mistakes, it wasn't until I observed Mike sparring recently that I realised the beauty of proper boxing moves. Mike just rushed in and threw textbook body hooks that were not only beautiful to watch, but also painfully effective.

His body hooks were simply by the book: bend the knees, keep the hands close to body, rotate the elbow and hip 90 degree and use the legs to drive the shots. Read this entry for more details.

The only advantage he probably had is his height where he doesn't need to level change much when throwing those body hooks. I imagine any tall guy would have real troubles from his body shots. Way to go buddy!

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Butch said...

Hey I really like your site. You have a lot of good information on techniques and you're a funny guy too. Keep 'em coming.