Thursday, September 16, 2010

Legend Fighting Championship

I just found out that my friend & coach Professor Adam Kayoom will be fighting in Legend Fighting Championship 3 on Sep 24, 2010 soon. Legend FC is a fast growing mixed martial arts (MMA) competition in Hong Kong. This event showcase professional fighters from China & Asia Pacific region. From the video highlights, you can see many Chinese, Koreans & Australians taking part. Besides Singapore Martial Combat, I think Legend FC is the only well-known & organised MMA event in whole of Asia & Australasia.

Naturally I'll be rooting for Adam to win his debut fight in Legend FC. Having won many professional fights in Muay Thai, BJJ & MMA, Adam should be no stranger to this kinda bout. One of my main reason for wanting Adam to triumph (aside from the fact he's my friend) is I want more people to know Adam as a person beyond his awesome fighting skills in the ring or cage. I hope more people will come to train with him or attend his seminar to experience Prof Kayoom extraordinary coaching & positive personality. To see that we can be competitive, skillful & yet a gentleman.

Legend FC has a host of fighters that are lesser known compare to say the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in the US. But that doesn't mean the fights are less interesting. I think all the pro fighters here are serious & train very hard for this event. Legend FC will probably produce few great fighters to represent Asia in the UFC given the exposure it's receiving. This should an interesting development in time to come. Fancy an UFC champ from Asia?

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